Let's talk about obsessive, looping mind and the pain of getting hung up on another person. Let's talk about Love Addiction.

If you experience compulsive, urgent longing and fantasize about being reunited with a past partner, then chances are you understand how your own restless thoughts can derail your everyday life. This isn't about "just let it go" and "change your thinking." This is about understanding attachment trauma and its impact on your relationships.

Once in a relationship, you probably fear abandonment, betrayal, and infidelity. You probably feel jealous, deprived, and desperate a lot of the time. Moreover, I bet you invest way too much energy into monitoring the state of the relationship, including your partner’s words, behaviors, and intentions. Your mind gets stuck looping in doubt and insecurity.

When you’re distracted and preoccupied with the other person to this degree, you start to neglect yourself and give up on self-care. You ignore your own boundaries and compromise your values. The truth is you’re losing yourself – which feels like wilting. Your spirit begins to dry up and you feel like a shell of who you once were.

The thought of ending a relationship frightens you even if you’ve been treated poorly or been living off crumbs of affection. Regardless, you’ll hang on no matter what. You’ll keep yourself stuck and even put your life on hold. You’ll cling to the fantasy of a relationship even though it’s incongruent with the reality you’re living. You’re lost in your own distorted thinking.

Although this scenario is labeled Love Addiction, it’s not primarily about addiction. While addictive-mind is a byproduct or symptom of Love Addiction, at its core is unresolved, unintegrated attachment trauma. Developmental, emotional attachment trauma drives these behaviors and hijacks our life.

Our brain goes haywire when vulnerability and intimacy trigger our insecurities. We are easily triggered by emotional unavailability, distancing, and withholding. We experience these triggers with a life or death intensity as if our meaning for living is being threatened.

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