Thank you for your interest in joining one of the Better Relating Support Groups. Here's an introduction video with instructions about how to register.




You're invited to join us for bi-weekly, intentional conversations about changing old patterns of relating and creating healthier relationships. Membership is open to anyone who values good relating.

During support group meetings, we identify relationship challenges and define plans for Self-Directed Healing. We share stories, resources, and kindness. Together, we take a strengths-based approach by practicing self-compassion.

Meetings are both process-oriented and solution-focused; both structured and organic. We utilize the body of information and learning tools offered in the membership community, Improve Your Relationships.

The Better Relating Support Groups are not about focusing on only one type of relationship or needing to be in a primary relationship with a partner. We talk about all of our relationships, including those with friends, family, children, coworkers, significant others - and, of course, the relationship we have with ourselves. We take a holistic view when it comes to relationship skill-building.




Group members are encouraged to identify what they want to talk about. Here are some specific areas that might be covered depending on individual member's needs.

Relationship Skills, Insecure Attachment, Attachment Trauma, Emotional Attunement, Family Patterns, Longing and Loneliness, Core Beliefs as Narratives, Reality Distortion, Stronger Sense-of-Self, Shame and Self-Worth, Boundaries and Choices, Relationship Repair, and Grieving Losses.




Meetings are via video-conferencing using the Zoom platform.

Meeting frequency is bi-weekly, every other week.

Meetings are offered Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.

Members pick one home group meeting only.

Meeting size is 5 people.

Meeting duration is 55 minutes in length.

Meeting format is both structured and organic dialogue.

Group structure allows new members to join when there is an opening.

Meetings are open to international members with a few exceptions.

Meetings are learning-focused and not group therapy.

Only 30 spots available in total (6 groups @ 5 people each)

When groups are full, prospective members placed on priority wait-list.




All times listed are in the Eastern Standard Time Zone. (EST)

All meetings are bi-weekly.

Every other Saturday 11:30 AM to 12:25 PM

Every other Sunday 6:00 PM to 6:55 PM

Every other Monday 7:00 PM to 7:55 PM




Since meetings are video-based, we need to think about optimum conditions.

Meetings happen on the the Zoom video-conferencing platform.

A computer with a webcam or a phone with a camera are needed.

Computer, webcam, or phone camera need to be stable and motionless.

Reliable audio mic headset or earbuds with mic for sound quality are needed.

A reliable internet connection is also needed.

Good lighting is necessary so members can see each other.

A private location without interruptions is requested.

Semi-private locations such as a corner in a coffee shop are not permitted.

Participating while driving or other multi-tasking is not permitted.




Meetings are offered at an introductory launch rate.

The future, regular rates are as follows:

$45 per meeting; billed at $90 per month for 2 meetings.

The current introductory rate*** is as follows:

$25 per meeting; billed at $50 per month for 2 meetings.

Members must commit to all monthly meetings.

Members pay to hold place in group, not only the meetings they attend.

Additional charge of $25*** per meeting applies for month's with extra days.

Must be current member of Improve Your Relationships Community.

IYR Community membership is $27 mo. billed separately.

Payment for monthly billing subscription via Credit Card of PayPal.

No refunds, partial refunds, or pro-rated amounts offered when cancelling.

Cancel membership at any time.


(** 3 meetings a month means when the meeting falls on a calendar month with extra days within that month. The additional meeting will be billed separately as a one time payment of $45 and will not be part of the monthly subscription.)

(*** Introductory rate currently does not have an expiration date. All future rate changes will be communicated well in advance.)




Better Relating support groups are open to international members.

Sometimes, technology and internet connections create challenges.

We will address potential challenges on a case-by-case basis.

Members will need to speak English in order to participate.