relationships make so much more sense when you understand attachment Styles.


Attachment-focused couples counseling is a collaborative process that uses present-moment relating to track the play-by-play interactions of underlying emotional attunement and responsiveness between partners. Couples are able to bring awareness to the moments when meaningful connection gets lost or is lacking. Relationship coaching helps strengthen these connections.

Attachment styles inform how we bond, connect, and choose partners. Insecure attachment means we'll probably respond with either preoccupied-anxious neediness or fearful-dismissive avoidance. It's a kind of push-pull, distancer-pursuer dance, and it can be highly distressing.

I help couples learn new dance steps in order to break this cycle. I work well with the partner who demands more emotional connection and over time may even lose his or her self in the relationship. I also have a knack for teaching the partner who often holds back a about opening up more. How can I help both you and your partner?



Reliable interactions allow both partners to feel safe when relating. Partners are open and seek each other out at key, critical moments of need for connection and reassurance. Each partner is emotionally responsive and wants to connect. They are aware of each other's needs.


This insecure attachment style results from confusion around inconsistent or unreliable emotional connection. Someone who is anxiously attached will be preoccupied with changes of closeness and separation, usually fueled by an underlying fear of abandonment.


This insecure attachment style presents as either dismissive avoidance or fearful avoidance. Someone who is avoidant will fear feeling smothered and engulfed in relationship. They will control with distancing from a partner and withhold emotional connection.

WHY relationship coaching NOW?


Often times, couples enter counseling feeling deeply hurt and in despair about the future of their relationship or marriage. They struggle with confusing communication, strained or nonexistent sexual relating, and emotional gridlock. Both partners feel angry, fearful, and shut down. They wonder if the relationship is beyond repair.

Another reason couples enter counseling is because they want to improve intimacy before trust breaks down. Although they are not in crisis, they see an important need to learn new skills. They want to understand, despite loving each other, why sometimes they feel disconnected.

Still further, there's another reason some couples pursue therapy. It’s common to see couples who are generally strong and resilient needing support when faced with unforeseeable life challenges that now are straining the relationship. This could be related to health, finances, parenting, children, or infidelity. Whatever the reason for getting started, let's discuss next steps. How can I help?


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